Remember The Vision You Had For Business When You First Started?
Zealous VA Can Get You There!

Hey there!
I'm Tikia Foat, the Founder & Strategist of Zealous VA 

Now, if you made it to my little corner of the internet, you’re likely an  entrepreneur or CEO who is ready to rockout a better role in their business. If you're feeling overwhelmed and your self care is on the backburner you are not alone, friend. Zealous VA is just the solution you've been seeking!

I get it, when I started my online business, I was on my own. I was accountable to every single client and task. And in the beginning, I loved it! My business was new, I was engaged in every aspect day in and day out, I got to spend ridiculous amounts of time with my little people, and I felt like I was kicking ass.

But burnout is a shifty bitch, and I ran out of steam FAST. I wanted to take on more clients and increase my profits without losing my sanity. I wanted a team like yesterday that could support me in the day to day tasks my clients demanded so I would have the time to focus on the big-picture, revenue-generating ideas that would grow my business fast. Sound familiar? 
Building systems and procedures for your online business will give you the confidence to delegate any task without a second thought and it gives you the freedom to focus on the stuff you love doing. And wasn’t that your dream when you started your own business?
I’m on a mission to help you get out of the day to day grind of your business, get clarity and focus on where to best use your time and keep you accountable to your goals. Together let's bring your vision and mission to fruition!

Let’s get you on the fast track to scale, shall we? It starts with a no-obligation call. What are you waiting for? Click the link below to get started!